Saturday, December 31, 2011


This is one of my more fortuitous street portraits of late. I say fortuitous because it was late in the day and having found myself with a dead camera battery (unusual for me as I am very organized in this department) while embarking on a walk with my family, I decided to stop at home for a fresh battery, all the while wondering, "Why bother, it's late in the day, and the town is very quiet at the moment." I'm so glad I did because two blocks later, on the corner of Main and North Summer, stood this gentleman, whose face and pose literally stopped me in my tracks. I blurted out, "Oh, you're beautiful, please allow me to take your picture - please don't move or change a thing," instructions which he followed perfectly.

His name is Chamba.

Thank you!

Chamba, Edgartown street photography

Chamba, North Water Street, conch pots, Edgartown street photography

These are some kind of fishing pots - conch, perhaps (though different than the conch pots I'm familiar with).

Chamba, North Water Street, conch pots, Edgartown street photography

I was asked recently why I like twilight photography. The question was asked in reference to my particular camera and lens combination (5DMKII and 50mm/1.4), but the above photo, of North Water Street, is as good an answer as any to this question. In short, at twilight it is dark enough for lights (and celestial objects) to shine, and light enough for the sky, the subject matter, and silhouettes to still be seen: magic.

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